It won’t be an overstatement to say that at GLS Lawn, landscaping is a technology that has been absorbed into the company’s origins from the very beginning. Driven by a desire to bring maximum green, we provide sophisticated landscape and garden design services for all kinds of spaces, including indoor/outdoor, residential and commercial.


Every landscape that we work on reflects the individuality of the place and adds a touch of green for an ideal environment. We ensure the incorporation of perfect plants, and saplings, when doing landscape design, taking into account the many environmental aspects of the area, the colors, and the overall style of the space. We also give garden and landscape care services, ensuring a postcard-worthy garden all year long, to ensure you have nothing to worry about after your garden is designed.


A combination of several garden surfaces frequently includes landscaping. We provide you with a variety of hard-country products, to guarantee to meet your expectations. Our goods include high-quality clay pavers, natural stone frames, gravel and chippings, porcelain pavement, and, of course, a magnificent stone of all forms.



We are one of the best outdoor living conversion specialists in the Tri-State Area, covering the areas of New Jersey, New York, New Jersey. Whether you are creating a wide-open living area, renovating or changing your current garden or patio, into a splendid living area just as lovely as your house, we can take care of all sorts of conversion!


One of the most difficult aspects of any form of stonework is ensuring that the feature is built with the level of expertise and attention to detail required to achieve the intended appearance, stability, and return on investment. We will complete all stonework projects with the appropriate foundation and reinforcement to sustain the specific type of feature and avoid any post-installation shifting or sinking.


We have been building a beautiful new paved driveway around New Jersey and New York for many years. A driveway should also be beautiful, and not simply functional. While most of us just drive or walk around them, it makes a tremendous impact without really thinking about how a road appears when you get right. You are not only pleased with your property, but you are also enhancing its worth.


Our patios are typically updated or supplemented by a covering area in our gardens during the previous years. Decking has become an integral part of landscaping, offering a method of connecting the outside to the inside and expanding living rooms.


Drainage is likely one of the landscaping talents that is underappreciated. We understand the importance of drainage to the success of any landscaping project. It can be difficult to get the drainage just right and that’s why we will be the best choice. Soil type, slopes and aspects, drainage from buildings and hard landscaping, planning constraints, and, of course, budget are all factors to consider. After that, you have to make it both suit the design and look good.


We serve customers in the home and business with tailor-made concrete solutions. We have the expertise and knowledge to create a charming atmosphere suited for each customer, whether it is a tiny garden or a huge entryway. 


We are installing a range of effective weather sealing alternatives for your property. Weather sealing addresses the requirement to isolate the living area from the outside using solid, wash-resistant, well-insulated, and airtight materials as feasible. The appropriate weather sealing may greatly affect the comfort, and energy efficiency of your space through your windows and doors. We can fulfill your weather-sealing needs.


We understand that caring for your plants necessitates specialized knowledge. As a result, we provide special maintenance services to make your garden a place where people go to find peace. You can rely on our lawn care services, annual garden management, or frequent pruning to keep your gardens looking lush.


Nothing surpasses the natural stone and brick paving’s ageless charm. We will help you discover the ideal natural stone for your project, whether your design calls for sandstone, chalkstone, granite, slate, brick, or something to reflect on.