About Us


Since 1982, GLS has been in the Tri-State. We aim to go beyond our customers’ expectations to offer exceptional service. We follow a strategy to “hold your hand” so that the customer receives the desired final result. Landscapes have a visually subdued background, especially in cities such as New York. We offer a selection, layout, and design of customized Landscaping styles for your outdoor space. Keeping in mind seasonal trends, garden tools and merchandise, winter gardening habits and more can help you preserve your landscape for a long time! With the knowledge of constructing guidelines, we can take care of all the details of landscapes styling and design.

When it comes to brands & manufacturers for the best products and types of equipment, we choose The Toro Company which is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment. We are a member of the Professional Landscape Association of Rockland County.



At GLS Lawn and Landscaping Services, Jay Cohen and the whole team works hard to create unique and high-quality landscapes and social spaces that are inspired to love and use the garden.

Jay Cohen


Jay took the helm at GLS Lawn & Landscaping in December of 2000. While, not a typical time to purchase a landscaping company, Jay wanted the time to fully evaluate the company’s history of accounts, and scope of services. With this window of time, Jay changed the dynamics of the company, and started implementing the necessary changes, to be more of a One Stop Shop for his client’s. Within the 21 years, GLS has grown in leaps and bounds to offer a plethora of services. Some, but not all include:

  • Lawn Repair and Renovation
  • Leveling/Grading
  • Drainage
  • Masonry Repair
  • Black Top Driveways
  • Garden Installations
  • Excavation for pools
  • Exterior Foundation Weather Proofing
  • In-ground pool back filling (permanent closure)
  • Paver Installation Including, Walkways, Patios, Raised Decks, Retaining/Garden Bed Walls, Fire Pits, Driveways and Outdoor Living Areas

If you have a need that is not listed here, just ask Jay. If it is something he might not do, he will lead you to one of his partners in the industry that does.

Jay is a 15 year member of the Professional Landscapers Association of Rockland County, and currently holds a position on the Advisory Board.

Hudiel Cordero-Flores


Hudiel started with GLS Lawn & Landscaping under the previous regime, and continues with the company to this day. With GLS originally being more of just a lawn care service, he kept showing his desire to do more than “just lawn cutting”. Between his asking, and encouragement, GLS started on offering more, and his desire to learn, facilitated GLS getting up to their current scope of services. Hudiel, heads all non-lawn maintenance projects. He often accompanies Jay on site surveys, based on what the anticipated project will be. Hudiel is creative in thought and design, and thinks strategically with how to deal with a more complex need. In fact, after seeing his work, the end result comes out better than expected by the clients, and by the owner Jay Cohen.